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Sunday 25 Aug
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Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend 2019

Thursday Jun 06 till Sunday Jun 09, 2019    

Pinksteren kick-off van de 2e editie van Amsterdam's nieuwe internationale weekend/ Kick of of the second edition of Amsterdam's new international Sportswear weekend. With The Web as the center of the action, and Cuckoo's Nest around the corner, the basis of a new hot and horney international weekend.

What to Do

From parties to clubnight and events, check the full programm at

Kijk voor het complete programma op de website van de organizatie van het Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend:

From our Editors & Contributors
Being Holland's only gay monthly, in the course of the year, many of our editors & contributers are not only contributing to Pride, but are also writing about Pride, it's theme, this year's organization, things to expect this year and it's people. Below from our editors for this year's Pride, for (much) more check out our online articles |

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Tijdens Pinksteren zal de tweede editie van het nieuwe, internationale Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend plaatsvinden. We omarmen diversiteit en seks(ualiteit)! Maak je klaar voor vier dagen (van 6 tot en .. > lees verder

Events & Agenda lengte: 4 min.

During Pentecost the second edition of the new international Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend will take place. This weekend shows how we do it in Amsterdam! We embrace diversity and sex(uality)! The kick-.. > read more

Events & Agenda lengte: 4 min.

Tip: you can filter by language: alleen Nederlands | English only

The kick-off of a new, international “Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend” during Pentecost shows that Amsterdam does do diversity and sex(uality)! > read more

Events & Agenda

Tijdens Pinksteren is de kick-off van het nieuwe, internationale Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend, dat laat zien dat de mensen in Amsterdam wel aan diversiteit én seks(ualiteit) doen! > lees verder

Events & Agenda

Website organization
Website Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend: