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Wednesday 20 Mar
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plaats jouw agenda aktiviteiten & flyersGay sm Sameplace @ Same Place
Kinky Gay s/m Sameplace: DE erotische bdsm sexparty. Elke derde zondagmiddag vd maand is bar Sameplace open voor gay s&m play, 15 - 19 uur. Bondage, spank, cbt, whipping, fisting, fetish etc. In de cruise-kelder zijn slings, gynaecologenstoel, darkroom. Entrance 7,50 + 2 drankjes kopen.

Sir Rajko and assistant slaves offer gay men each 3rd sunday afternoon of the month a sexparty for playing the game of master and slaves. Safe sex only (free condoms + FF gloves available). Respect the slave''s stopwords; no longterm bodily harm. Dresscode: dress kinky or fetish. For a slave it is best to wear little, or be naked so that masters can use a slave easily. This bdsm afternoon is for sexual play. We welcome experienced players but also beginners. Entrance 7,50 + minimum of 2 drinks. Start 3pm, End 7pm.



When: zondag 18 maart
Time: 15:00 hrs.


    @ Same Place
    Nassaukade 120, Amsterdam

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Gay sex, elke maandag 19 tot 24 uur in Erotisch Café Sameplace. Geen dresscode, maar sexy ondergoed of naakt mag ook. Grote speelkelder met 2 slings!
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User Reviews (19 comments):

dogboy by dogboy on 2014-01-06    send a message

New since August 2013 is the monthly Gay SM party at erotic bar SAMEPLACE in Amsterdam. Also nice for fisting activities! You can meet me at this hot party, every 3rd Sunday of the month: s/gaysm.html Master Sir Rajko and its assistant/slaves offer gay men each 3rd Sunday of the month the opportunity for playing the game of Master and slaves. SAFE SEX of......

by zito on 2013-12-08

Monday night is party night! Great place and great guys, all ages and nationalities! Not overcrowded but enough guys to have a naughty evening...

by ffpartyams on 2011-03-26

From now on, the Fist Fuck party is every THIRD Sunday of the month. Always check meplace for up to date information.

by ffpartyams on 2010-04-19

All information about the monthly Fist Fuck party is on meplace

by jack on 2009-04-18

hoe is de party op maandagavond ? Zijn er dan veel mannen ? Welke leeftijden ?

fistrik by fistrik on 2009-02-04    send a message

From February 2009 on: Every 4th Sunday of the month is FistFuck party in Sameplace!!! Check meplace for details.

by hot on 2008-05-19

Anybody going tonight? How much do you have to pay to get in? Any good tips?

fistrik by fistrik on 2008-05-17    send a message

Keep in mind: Every two months "Sunny Gay Day" is a fistfuck party! Check for details. Unfortunately the website of sameplace is not up to date about this subject.

fistrik by fistrik on 2007-11-14    send a message

Also check for the other dates of the FistFuck party at Sameplace. Everybody is welcome

by fistrik on 2007-11-14

25 November 2007 FF party in stead of the ordinary Sunny Gay Day. See !

by sander on 2007-06-18

geweldige geil en veel sex , personeel doet ook lekker mee, een geile boel overal waar je kijkt is er wat te beleven en hoe later hoe geiler hoe minder kieskeurig, jiong met ouder , gespierd met minder gespierd, wel een tent voor de amsterdammer of omgeving erg leuk

hotguys by hotguys on 2006-12-16    send a message

hi guys we been there in april and we are coming back beware the two hot guys from malta are coming back and looking forward for real good time sameplace is an amazing place

by haguecruiser on 2006-10-09    send a message

Pretty exciting & fun! Best place is the cellar (via an intriguing staircase!!)...lots of *****, sucking, kissing & rimming going on down there all the time. Friendly & sportive crowd of all ages & racial backgrounds (some really beautiful & sexy men have been spotted there frequently)... and yes, some Dutchmen do indeed have very big dicks! (mmm, yummy!!!), recommended.

superfluffer by superfluffer on 2006-09-26    send a message

Update Sameplace (September 2006) Now entrance fee: before 10PM 3 euro; after 10PM a bit more, but clothes check is included! Minimum 2 drinks on card. So, the minimum spending is 9 euro. And I still do it "for free" ;-)

hotguys by hotguys on 2006-05-03    send a message

we are the guys from malta just wanted to say hi to the staff it was a great time we where there mon 1st may

hotguys by hotguys on 2006-05-03    send a message

we where there on momnay nice staff relaxed place very hot by the way we are the two guys from malta

superfluffer by superfluffer on 2006-05-01    send a message

Update Sameplace (May 2006) Now entrance fee: all evening 3 euro, but clothes check is included! Minimum 2 drinks on card. So, the minimum spending is 9 euro. And I still do it "for free" ;-)

superfluffer by superfluffer on 2005-07-04    send a message

This is THE place to be on a Monday evening.

NOW open at 8PM so already busy at 9PM. (open till 1AM).

Info in dutch: Alleen maandag is GAY... en gerund ook door gays. Sameplace gaat open om 20 uur... de meesten komen zo tussen 21.00 en 22.00 aan. Na 22 uur entree-geld (6 euro geloof ik)... ervoor gratis. Drankprijs ligt ietsje boven een no......

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